PMDome® Workshop

The PMDome is a dynamic and practical training in project management where the participants are divided into teams which in a challenging and exciting competition they must demonstrate superior performance in project management according to the basic requirements proposed by the fictitious client.

The target audience of the training is Executives, Senior Managers, Project Managers, Resource Managers and Team Members. However PMDome does not requires previous experience in projects once the participant will be able to assimilate the basic concepts of project management and develop the product during the workshop.

The main project deliverable is a physical structure called Geodesic Dome, constructed from sheets of paper, to be planned, executed and controlled in real time using the Project Management Institute (PMI®) framework. PMI® is a non-profit association, world leader in the profession of project management.

The activities developed by the participants during the workshop focus on the main concepts of project management, including:

• decomposition and organization of tasks in terms of deliverables and work packages;
• responsibility assigning to the work packages;
• the development of the project schedule and budgets based on the work packages.

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