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PMDome® Workshop

The PMDome is a dynamic and practical training in project management where the participants are divided into teams which in a challenging and exciting competition they must demonstrate superior performance in project management according to the basic requirements proposed by the fictitious client. The target audience of the training is Executives, Senior Managers, Project Managers, […]

How to Use Dropbox on Windows

Interested in using the cloud-saving service Dropbox on your windows computer? Get started by following these steps! (Note: we primarily used Windows 8 when building these steps, so you may experience this process differently if you are using another version of Windows) 1. Signing up for Dropbox on Windows Go to www.dropbox.com Enter your first […]

Project Management in Public Sector

The resistance to adopting new practices, and misinformation, classified the public sector as inefficient and incapable of solving many social problems that get worse over time. In so many years the best practices considered efficient in administration were restricted to private initiative. If it works in the private sector, why do not adapt to the […]